Ethical Conduct

Since its founding in 1897, James McHugh Construction Co. has operated with an unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity. It’s one of our core values. That’s how we were raised; that’s how we do business; and that’s how we conduct ourselves personally.

All McHugh team members participate in yearly ethics training as part of our best practices program, and each employee is armed with the knowledge and skills to make good decisions and, when appropriate, seek input from more knowledgeable staff members.

As a principal member of the Construction Industry Ethics and Compliance Initiative (CIECI), McHugh partners with other companies in the construction industry who are equally committed to the highest level of ethics, conduct, and compliance with the law to facilitate the sharing of best practices and further advance ethical and compliant construction practices.

Compliance Programs

McHugh has a long-standing commitment to fostering a diverse workforce and building strong relationships with disadvantaged-, minority- and women-owned businesses (D/M/WBE); small and independent businesses; and HUBZone, veteran, and service disabled, veteran-owned businesses. Our corporate compliance officer directs our compliance program, monitors and reports on our progress, and coordinates our outreach programs that foster a collaborative and participative environment within our robust subcontractor network.

To facilitate and ensure the proper participation of D/M/WBE firms on all projects, McHugh trains all personnel on our Guidelines for Working With D/M/WBEs. The purpose of these guidelines is to:

  • Assist the estimating team in preparing a D/M/WBE Utilization Plan prior to bid submittal; and
  • Ensure that each D/M/WBE subcontractor performs a commercially useful function


Natalie T. Pedraza

For more information, please contact our corporate compliance officer

Natalie T. Pedraza


To reinforce our commitment to honesty and integrity, McHugh has partnered with third-party provider, Ethical Advocate, to provide employees and subcontractors an outlet to report ethics concerns anonymously and confidentially. Contact information for Ethical Advocate and other applicable agencies is posted at all jobsites and office locations, and services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Other agencies:

DOT FraudNet Hotline - 800.424.9071
Illinois Office of the Executive Inspector General Hotline - 866.814.1113
IDOT Fraud Hotline - 800.455.5008
ISTHA Office of Inspector General – 866.786.5544
Chicago Office of Inspector General – 866.448.4754