Safety and McHugh Construction

Maintaining the safety and well-being of McHugh employees and subcontractors is our first priority. It is the most important of our core values.

McHugh’s steadfast commitment to safety has earned us an industry-leading 0.46 Experience Modification Rate (EMR), which creates measurable value for our clients.

McHugh’s Safety and Health Program is designed to ensure that our projects are constructed without incident. Our approach is proactive and inclusive: we work tirelessly to create and maintain a culture that fosters the highest level of safety consciousness on our job sites. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform their job functions safely, and all of McHugh employees are empowered with a personal responsibility for ensuring a safe workplace.

At McHugh, we believe that training and preparedness are the best way to keep us safe. We offer ongoing educational opportunities as part of our Continuous Improvement Program, covering topics such as:

  • OSHA 10-Hour & 30-Hour certification
  • CHST & CSP training
  • Scaffold User training
  • Fall protection
  • Steel erection
  • Excavation
  • First Aid/CPR

McHugh is a proud member of the National Safety Council, American Society of Safety Engineers, and Build Safe Chicago.


National Safety Council

American Society of Safety Engineers

Build Safe Chicago

For more information about McHugh’s commitment to safety, please contact:

Jerry Flemming

Vice President of Risk Management

Scott Mladic

Corporate Safety Director