Diversity & Inclusion

McHugh Construction believes in equal and representative employment, business opportunity, and community participation. Our commitment to creating meaningful opportunities for disadvantaged-, minority- and women-owned businesses starts at the top of our organization and can be seen in action on all of our projects and in the partnerships we’ve forged to provide assistance and guidance to our D/M/WBE partners. McHugh’s full-time corporate compliance office administers our D/M/WBE program; performs audits; coordinates and provides mandatory training to all staff; oversees subcontractor training; and ensures adherence to all D/M/WBE and ethical guidelines.


McHugh recognizes the importance of community partnerships to our sustained success. We are proud to have long-standing relationships with community-based organizations and assistance agencies that strengthen and diversify our organization. McHugh is a corporate member of the African American Contractors Association, Black Contractors United, Federation for Women Contractors, Chicago Women In Trades, and HACIA.

Hiring Practices

At McHugh Construction, we are committed to our employees and the communities we serve. Our relationships with organizations like ACE Tech, Dawson Tech, Chicago Women in Trades, and with local elected officials strengthen our hiring, outreach, and mentoring initiatives.

Community Engagement Programs

Constructing Bright Futures

McHugh Construction is a proud partner of the Constructing Bright Futures Foundation, created in partnership with our long-time client, Magellan Development. The foundation is designed to create employment opportunities in the construction industry for inner-city residents. It brings together developers, contractors, local government, social service agencies and construction-related unions to train diverse, urban candidates. Candidates have access to a supportive environment, training and social support to help them succeed. After participants have completed training with experienced mentors, they are guaranteed work.

Recently, McHugh facilitated a partnership between Constructing Bright Futures and ComEd’s CONSTRUCT program. CONSTRUCT participants develop the core competencies required for entry-level positions in the construction industry, strengthen their job readiness and life skills, and prepare for the industry-required testing that is often a prerequisite for employment. The program also includes job shadowing to give candidates an up-close look at the various career paths available.

View a press release about Constructing Bright Futures by clicking here.

McHugh University

McHugh’s commitment to its subcontractor network runs deep. Recognizing that many partners needed clear and concise information related to the business of construction, McHugh developed and implemented a training program for disadvantaged-, minority- and women-owned businesses to share best practices for managing and growing a construction-related business. Firms are invited to participate in seminars at no cost.


Outreach Events

We recognize that a new project for McHugh represents a new project for the community. That’s why we kick off our projects with community outreach events. We invite M/W/DBE firms to learn more about the project and the opportunities available. Attendees hear from our team, the owner and architect, with an opportunity to engage with us and ask any questions they may have about project management. These events aren’t always limited to firms either – occasionally, we host subcontractors and individuals seeking employment.

Successful outreach events we’ve hosted in the past include:

  • United Center East Addition
  • Blackhawks Training Facility
  • Advocate Center/Bulls Practice Facility
  • NEXT Apartments
  • Chicago White Sox Clubhouse and Outfield Building
  • VUE 53 Apartments
  • Navy Pier Centennial Vision Redevelopment
  • O’Hare Terminal 5 Concessions Redevelopment
  • Jesse White Community Center

Meet the GC Night

McHugh hosts annual events to engage with our fellow community business owners. These events create an environment for networking and interacting without the need to focus on a single project. Attendees have the opportunity to network with project managers, estimators, and other decision makers. Each building division – infrastructure, general building, renovation, and rail – is represented so that business owners can learn more about the skills and qualifications necessary to be successful working with McHugh.

History of Diversity & Inclusion

McHugh Construction has a long and proud history of supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives. McHugh was the first company in Chicago to include minorities in the ironworkers’ union and the first to enter a joint venture with a minority contractor. Over the years, we have made it a practice to exceed minimum requirements for D/M/WBE contractors on our worksites and recognize that our success depends on the strong relationships we’ve forged with our robust and diverse network of subcontractors.